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January 08, 2015 - Agreement for exclusive distribution rights of surgical instruments for the Balkan Region (Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania), signed with the German producer of high quality surgical instruments CEATEC Medizintechnik

January 08, 2015
German Healthcare Services received the exclusive distribution rights for all products of the German producer of high quality surgical instruments for General Surgery, Neural Surgery, Laparoscopy as well as various sterilization containers and implant systems, CEATEC Medizintechnik seated in Wurmlingen, Germany. CEATEC is a long-term, high quality provider of Surgical Instruments. German Healthcare Services is offering these instruments and systems on the markets of the Southern Balkan region (Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania) and for selected projects for Medical Facilities for International Government Organizations. An overview over the product line of CEATEC can be found on the following link: