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February 20, 2015 - German Healthcare Services has received the exclusive dealership rights for the Balkan Region (Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo) by EMA – LED GmbH, a German producer of high-quality Surgical and examination lights based on LED technology.

February 20, 2015
German Healthcare Services started the business partnership with the German producer of Surgical and Examination lights, EMA – LED GmbH as the exclusive dealer of their product line in Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

The medical lamps from EMA – LED which are based on LED technology are characterized by bright, high contrast light, shadow-free illumination of the area of surgical interventions as well as extremely good maneuverability and low operating costs.
New technologies such as the new developed filter technology provides these operation lamps with excellent light properties, which means they are suitable for medical applications as well as for use in the dentistry and veterinary medicine.

Please visit the showroom to find out more about all models of surgical (OR) and examination lamps which we offer on the following web-link: