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June 01 – 04, 2015 - 43-rd COMEDS Plenary Meeting in Berlin, Germany.

June 01 – 04, 2015
German Healthcare Services was one of the main sponsors of the 43-rd Plenary Meeting of COMEDS (Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO) which was held the beginning of June this year in Berlin, Germany.

Founded in 1994, the Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS) is the Alliance's senior military medical body on military health matters. It acts as the central point for the development and coordination of military health standards and for providing medical advice to the Military Committee.

This year's plenary meeting took place in the "Blücher Kaserne", Berlin-Kladow, from 01 up to 04 June, 2015 under the Leadership of Lieutenant General (MC) Gérard Nédellec. Host of this year’s meeting was the inspector of the medical services of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), General Surgeon Dr. Ingo Patschke.

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