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November 15-16, 2016

November 15-16, 2016, German Healthcare Services presents outsourcing concept on international conference for Military and Disaster Medicine.

German Healthcare Services participated on the Congress for Disaster and Military Medicine, DIMIMED, which was held during MEDICA 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany on November 15 and 16. 2016. (

Participants to the congress were high ranked officers and medical specialists from NATO alliance countries and other international military and non-military medical organizations.

Thomas Ihlenfeldt, Project Manager Healthcare, provided a speech to the audience about outsourcing of medical services for military and non- military government organizations and NGO´s. While the number of conflicts and crisis relief missions are dramatically increasing, the resources in technology and personnel of the military and non-military organizations remain more or less the same. Complementing these limited resources by outsourced services from private organizations may be an opportunity to manage the amount of missions, while maintaining the quality of medical service for the personnel on site.

In his presentation Thomas Ihlenfeldt described the quality requirements and main standards in order to ensure, that soldiers and civil personnel of the crisis relieve organizations receive at least the same quality of medical service, as they would expect it from their own organization.

The presentation on “Quality Criteria for the Selection of Outsourced Medical Services” is available upon request for members and decision makers of medical military and non-military government organizations and NGO´s via

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