German Health Care Services
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Company history

Our professional road started in 1991 when the owner of the company, Mr. Dietrich Plefka has moved from Germany to Macedonia and brought his professional experience with him. In that time Mr. Plefka was active in several business sectors from which the trading sector was the highlight. With his company he was and still is general representative of major West-European companies like Bosch-Siemens, Rotring, Dynapac, Dorsch Consulting, Gebrüder Heinemann, Global Trading, Greggersen, Linet, etc.

Mr. Plefka has excellent connections with the German Community in Macedonia.

When in 1999 the Kosovo crisis began, Mr. Plefka was contacted to support the German NATO troops in logistical issues when building the military camps throughout Kosovo. The requirements of the NATO, United Nations (UN) and EULEX Missions lead to founding of the companies German PX Skopje, Universi PX Cyprus and German Healthcare Services Ohrid which have during the years built a brand name and strong business network in this region of the Balkans.

Our motto is German Quality in all Services we provide and became our Standards