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Personnel provider for employers

We will find the right person for you

German Healthcare Services provides the right personnel for the right job on the right time.
Either at seasonal increase of work range, project-specific know how, large orders with short deadlines or just for the vacation season when your company meets personnel shortcomings during that period, in cases of long term illness or at maternity leaves. All these problems can be solved with short-time personnel whom we happily provide to you. With us you don’t carry the risk of sudden job terminations by employees or similar negative factors which lead to personnel shortage.

The benefits for your company, with Personnel leasing are many:

  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Reduces your headcount;
  • Considerable reduction of your responsibility as an Employer, and the volume of operational and administrative work;
  • Personnel Leasing helps your business by providing professional employer services designed to reduce your labor expenses, allowing you more time to focus on growth, selection, retention and employee development;
  • Gives total flexibility over the size of your workforce;
  • Strategic flexibility via temporary employment
  • Just-in-time personnel placement

If you would like to receive detailed information about any profiles from our personnel pool, please send an e-mail to and we will contact you immediately.