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Construction Department German PH DOO

The Construction Department of German PH DOO has successfully executed 2 Building Projects for international Forces & Organisations in Crisis Areas:

Helicopter Hanger with Office Areas and Reinforced Concrete Platform at the International Airport Pristina

Role 2: Planning Set-Up and Operation of an Emergency Medical Facility in Pristina, Kosovo with OR, ICU, Isolation, X-Ray Imaging and Tele-Radiology. A complete Turnkey Solution inclusive medical Equipment, Supplies and Medical Teams.

Technical Description of Role 2

The containers are made from Corten steel what will give extra protection against corrosion and are coated in color RAL 9002 (Grey-White).
The Containers are equipped with rain-gutters and drain.
In addition the containers are covered with a metal roof construction with 20 % slope, rain gutter and drain and lighting conductor.
Walls and ceilings are insulated with fire retardant 100 mm mineral wool. Floors are insulated with the same fire retardant 50 mm mineral wool.
Wall and ceiling finish is provided with plaster panels (RIGIPS) and coated with a special antibacterial and washable color; Floor finish is with 2 mm PVC floor covering, antistatic and electro-conductive in the medical rooms and normal PVC flooring in the non-medical rooms.
Windows 800 x 1200 mm with PVC frame tilt / turn mechanism, PVC shutter, and double-layer glazing with non-transparent film.
Electric sliding and swing doors and manual doors-The OR with scrub room and the ICU have electric sliding doors with outside wall push-buttons and the corridors have 2 electric swing doors. The doors in the rest of the hospital are manual (sliding and swing) doors. The door for the X-Ray room is lead-coated for radiation protection.
Electrical installation 220 V (conform to NEN1010).
Smoke detection in all rooms with central switch board and alarm.
Emergency lighting in all rooms (provide one hour light after every power shutdown).
Medical Gas System with O2, N2O and Medical Air providing medical gas in each bed (ICU and Isolation Room) and the OR in special wall-mounted headsets above the beds and a ceiling mounted Energy Bridge in the OR.
Central Air-condition System with Siemens automated control system which supplies the medical part of the hospital with heating, cooling and moisture regulation. Central part of this system is the laminar flow ceiling above the operating table in the OR with H13 filters and the ability to provide negative air-pressure in the Isolation room in order to keep any germs inside the room and not to spread outside in case a highly contaminated patient is received.

Establishing of medical service and training for HEMS project in Pristina, Kosovo, provision and training of 2 hems teams consisting of emergency medicine physicians and paramedics