German Health Care Services
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German PH D.O.O. - Skopje is a private company founded in 2005, as a result of the vision and partnership between Gorjan Nikolovski and Dietrich Plefka. As a modern, dynamic and innovative company, our principal strategy is based on long-standing and committing policies that bond us to our partners in the existing markets. Our experience, capability and visions on the other hand, enable us to follow the ever changing trends in the world of business and explore new markets constantly.

The main activities of the company include export of non-alcohol beverages, as well as import and re-export of products for wide consumption (consumer electronics, clothing, perfumes, alcohol, cigarettes, etc). The export and re-export goods are being launched mostly to duty free markets such as military camps, cruise lines, air-lines & airports, border shops, mining camps, etc. The import is mostly concentrated in the local, domestic market.

Our prospective tendency of expansion to new markets relies on the constant training of employees, as well as monitoring and satisfying of the needs of different categories of customers. Here at German PH, every idea counts and every business proposal is welcomed.

Construction and interior design of PX Shops and Restaurants:

PX Shops in Pristina, Leposavic, Prizren (Sultan Murat and VJ Kaserne), Pec and Restaurants in Leposavic, the Restaurant CREDO in the EULEX HQ Pristina and the Restaurant in UN HQ Pristina which was opened the beginning of January 2014.