German Health Care Services
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Company structure

German Healthcare Services

Turnkey Solutions

Planning, Construction, Implementation & Operation
- Renting/Leasing or Turnkey Handover Available –
As Boats, Helicopters, Vehicles & Mobile X-Ray Stations
Container Offices, Accommodation Containers and Sanitary Containers

Setup & Operation of Medical facilities

Planning, Construction, Setup inclusive all installations (water, electrical, medical gas etc.), logistics, transport, medical equipment, Surgical Instruments, Disposables, Pharmaceuticals and complete Organisation and Management of Medical Facilities and Services in Crisis Areas inclusive Medical Personnel and Backstopping Staff.

Personnel Provider

Medical Personnel for Hospitals and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) for International Missions in Crisis Areas around the world. All Personnel trained for HEMS operations in accordance to ICAO / EASA standards.

Medical Equipment

GENERAL REPRESENTATIVE for several German and EU leading producers and suppliers of medical equipment A CENTRAL WAREHOUSE for new and refurbished medical equipment is planned in the near future for GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION

German PH

Duty Free Stores

For international Forces & Organisations in Crisis Areas
5 Duty Free Stores (PX Shops) in Kosovo ::
HQ Main NATO KFOR-Pristina
Camp Villaggio Italia -Pec
Camp Nothing Hill-Leposavic


for international Forces & Organisations in Crisis Areas
2 Building Projects :
Helicopter Hanger with Office Areas and Reinforced Concrete Platform at the International Airport Pristina
Role 2: Planning Set-Up and Operation of an Emergency Medical Facility in Pristina, Kosovo with OR, ICU, Isolation, X-Ray Imaging and Tele-Radiology. A complete Turnkey Solution inclusive medical Equipment, Supplies and Medical Teams.
Construction and interior design of PX Shops and Restaurants:
PX Shops in Pristina, Leposavic, Prizren (Sultan Murat and VJ Kaserne), Pec and Restaurants in Leposavic, the Restaurant CREDO in the EULEX HQ Pristina and the Restaurant in UN HQ Pristina.

Restaurants und Catering

for international Forces & Organisations in Crisis Areas
3 Restaurants in Kosovo :
HQ EULEX Kosovo-Pristina
NATO Camp Nothing Hill-Leposavic
HQ UN Kosovo- Pristina