German Health Care Services
++389 46 230 035

Senior Management Team


Dietrich Plefka

Over 30 years experience in implementation of international business areas

Thomas H. Ihlenfeldt

Project Manager of Medical Department
Over 30 years experience in medical technologies and international healthcare projects. Planning and implementation of numerous healthcare and hospital projects in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.

Claudia Plefka

General Manager of German Healthcare Services
Tel: 00389 70 232 159


German Healthcare Services Management


Jacqueline Stojanovska

Administrative Company Manager
Tel: 00389 70 232 158

Risto Risteski

Manager Mobile Hospital Sector (construction, maintenance and equipment)
Tel: 00389 70 230 256

Biljana Kiparizovska

Finance Department Manager
Tel: 00389 46 230 035


German PH Management

Gorjan Nikolovski

General Manager of German PH

Tina Gerasimova

Finance director

Tijana Panovska

Purchasing Manager

Aleksandar Bogoevski

Catering and restaurant supervisor